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Experience the Paradoxx Sound

Paradoxx Sound has moved and changed focus.  The new studio is geared to mixing and mastering ready to handle anything from 44.1-16 bit to DSD.  Our new business plan is centered on internet mixing and mastering services.  Customers can book a session, up load files and remotely attend their session from anywhere in the world.

You record the tracks and we will do the rest.  With this new business model you can attend your session from your lap top, smart phone, tablet or any device with internet connectivity.  All you need is high quality headphones and an internet enabled device.  You could even patch your smart phone to your car stereo or any other device where you listen to music.  By the way, other people in your artistic circle can also attend.  This new way to work gives you more flexibility saving you time and money.  With our 20+ years of experience and your artistic magic there is no telling where your music can go!