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Experience the Paradoxx Sound


With today’s fast paced productions your songs may be recorded at several different locations and even mixed at different studios.  In each case you will strive to achieve the best possible results, but when you go back and listen you will find each mix has different tonal qualities.  When you assemble all the songs you may find overall levels are different or the bass is not the same from one song to another.  At Paradoxx Sound we will adjust each song so that the final project sounds like one complete work of art. But that’s only half the job!  We also need to make it sound great on all of today’s high tech and low tech listening devices.

There are also many different delivery formats and level specifications to take into consideration.  That’s why you need to chose the most qualified studio to complete your project.  At Paradoxx Sound we have the experience, facilities and equipment to take your sound to the next level and beyond.

All mastering starts with listening and at Paradoxx Sound we have a great environment. Our control room has been accurately tuned in both frequency and phase response. We use Quested V3110 main monitors and several small monitors to simulate the real world.

At Paradoxx Sound we utilize the Pyramix DAW with Merging Technologies Horus converter.  Within this environment we can handle sample rates from 44.1Khz to 11Mhz DSD and virtually any file format. We also have a wide verity of plug-ins to shape your sound. But plug-ins can’t do it al!!   Our typical analog mastering chain starts with the Avalon 747 where we take off the sharp edges and make minor EQ and level adjustments.  Then it’s onto the Tube Tech SMC-2B Multiband tube compressor.  From there it’s time for final EQ where we apply the services of the Millennia NSEQ-2. The final stop in the analog domain is the Maselec MPL-2 peak and high frequency limiter.

Along every step of the way we can use plug-ins or the real analog processors which gives Paradoxx Sound unlimited flexibility to shape your sound to match your vision. Give Paradoxx sound the opportunity to help you reach your vision on your next internet mixing or mastering project.